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"Privilege is the story of America at its best and worst. You'll ignore your bedtime to finish this one."

- Leslie Nagel, Amazon and USA Today best-selling author of The Oakwood Book Club Mysteries

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about bharat

Bharat calls himself a professional storyteller and amateur cook. He’s always looking to make a political statement with his writing because he knows politics seeps into every aspect of society and believes we can’t understand each other without a firm, constant understanding of how politics affects us in all ways. He just published the final novel in an SFF trilogy about power and privilege in America today. The first book, Privilege, won “Best Adult Fiction” for the Ohio chapter of the Indie Author Project.

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"Bharat Krishnan's PRIVILEGE follows in the hallowed footsteps of polemical science fiction, and wraps itself in a fast-paced heist plot."

S.B. Divya,

Author of Machinehood (Simon & Schuster)


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