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In this epic saga about privilege and power, Rakshan Baliga will have to choose between the American Dream…and his own.

New York’s drug problem is Rakshan's solution. Getting his hands on a super drug called WP could earn him glory, power, and a chance to win back his ex. But stealing it from the Top 1% is costly, and if Rakshan isn’t careful he’ll pay with his life.

Discover how Rakshan’s journey sets off a chain of events that changes his city, his country…and the world. This ensemble political thriller is perfect for fans of Ocean’s 11 and House of Cards.


Skingrafter (n.): a slur for those who illegally wield the magical drug, WP.

Maadhini Kedilaya and Aditya Shetty know a word doesn’t define them, but some words cut deeper than knives. What do you do when society tries to define you by what you lack rather than what you have to offer? In their cases, the world is about to find out.

Dive into the WP Saga again with this prequel from the award-winning author of Privilege: A Trilogy and find out how these two pivotal characters from the WP Saga got their start.


The future is female.


That's what everyone says, and after decades of waiting, of enduring great tragedy and bitter joy, the world is ready to learn what that really means.

Therese Johnson.
Kaitlin Lungford.​

Bella Ferrari.

Find out how the WP Saga ends, and why the world will never be the same. For ourselves, and for posterity.

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Love, Pride,
Virtue and Faith

You might know that Greek gods interfered on both sides of the Trojan War, but did you know that Hindu gods fought alongside both the Pandavas and Kauravas in the Mahabharata? In the same way the ancient Egyptians worshiped Ra above all else, did you know that the monkey-god, Hanuman, gained his wisdom from the sun? Did you know that Krishna and Hercules are often linked to a past that includes Alexander the Great's conquests? And just as Noah had his ark, one of Lord Vishnu's avatars had a similar tale for Hinduism. All of us share the same stories because the things that unite us are far greater than the things that divide us.

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Once, there was a truce. Desperaux controlled the west with magic, and Desire claimed the east with steel and science.  But now magic has disappeared, and the world has changed.

The kingdom of Desire will stop at nothing to maintain the new world order. On Juno’s wedding day, their Mengery soldiers came marching through the Nine desert to rip his world apart. Now he journeys east with his adopted brother, Trey, in search of revenge after the murder of his family. Along the way, the two face bandits and the magical creatures of the Nine. When they finally reach Desire, Juno and Trey will face something even deadlier – their own fears and ambitions.

This is a tale of brotherhood, a revenge story that will remind you that everything has a cost – a cost that will be paid to Desire and to the inner demons that govern us all.

Confessions of a
Campaign Manager

In Confessions of a Campaign Manager, veteran Democratic operative Bharat Krishnan takes you on a journey across nine states and 17 campaigns to see how American politics has transformed since the election of Barack Obama. Krishnan makes a case that the intransigence of Republican leaders following the election of our nation's first black president irrevocably fractured the country along partisan lines. This ultimately produced the most dangerous presidential candidate this country has ever seen, Donald Trump. From rubbing shoulders with celebrities and political insiders at presidential conventions to chasing votes in the swamps of Louisiana, Krishnan discovers a vast disconnect between voters, the flawed politicians they elect to represent them, and the legion of driven staffers who silently battle over the direction of the nation. Drawing on his experience at the state and local level, Krishnan formulates a national prescription to prevent a future of perpetual partisan brinksmanship.

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